Hypnotherapy can help you with these areas, and many more:

Motivation                 Anxiety            Achieving Goals            Confidence      Addictions                  Food                Drinking                         Smoking              Gambling                   Phobias           Fears                               Nerves                      Panic Attacks             Stress              Relaxation                      Eating Problems  Weight                        Bulimia           Anorexia                          OCB                          Skin Problems           Grief                Pain Control                   Concentration          Depression                Guilt                Public Speaking              Exams                      Procrastination         Pain                 Memory                           Self Esteem  Relationships            Belief               Sports/Keep fit               Winning Mindset

Past Life Regression 
Past Life Regression takes you back in time, through the hypnotic regression process, to previous lives.

Have you ever wondered who you were in a previous lifetime? Have you ever seen a movie and really resonated with it and felt that you may have lived during that time period?  Do you have a connection with someone in your current lifetime with whom you believe was a part of your past?  Do you feel that you are experiencing reoccurring patterns of behaviour, emotions, or health issues?

These questions and more can be answered through Past Life Regression.    Using Past Life Regression for physical, emotional, or spiritual wellness can be very effective in assisting you to retrieve memories and release unwanted behaviours, emotions, or health issues stemming from previous lifetimes. 

Reiki Therapy 
If you are looking for relief from physical pain, or need help with depression, not getting a good night’s sleep, feel anxious, stressed, or yearning for a deeper connection to your life - Reiki can help you.

Reiki treatments will help balance all areas of your life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Giving you an experience to help change your state of being, regardless of the problems you initially wanted to treat – you will be surprised at the many areas that will become unblocked.

Reiki supports and encourages your body’s natural healing processes on every level, so that you can move into a greater experience of health and healing in your body. Give yourself a chance to flourish.

During the treatment you may have various sensations from heat to tingling, from seeing colours to visions; this is all safe and will encourage healing and possibly give you answers to questions that you have asked before now.



“Thank you for changing my life for the better, tried many diets , could not control my eating habits, since my 1st hypnotherapy session, I have been losing weight , it was all a matter of changing my thoughts."


Anon. Evington -Leicester

"Bally has helped me so much, I would never have gone for hypnotherapy, but the fear of dentists meant that I needed to clear my phobia, so I was open to the process. Well to cut a long story short, I conquered my fear through hypnotherapy and would recommend Bally to others who may have similar concerns."

ST- Kibworth

"So fortunate to have found Bally, my Reiki sessions were out of this world, I had never had energy healing before, pain and anxities just melted away, and I will go for Reiki again, if/when I feel out of sorts or unbalanced . The visions I had whilst in treatment were amazing!"


James - Oadby, Leics

"Needed a confidential counselling service and truly got a compassinate service for grief,and the coaching to live life to its full was so inspiring that I am considering becoming a Life Coach myself."


Mrs S Kaur Leicester

Energy Therapy - with Colour, Crystals and Angels
Working with healing spiritual energies, combined with crystals and colour, evoking angel and spiritual guides to assist with areas of healing - be that physical, emotional or spiritual development. Discover your life's purpose or the journey your soul should be taking. Take a journey to other realms to meet your own guides or beloved ones.


Life Coaching & Counselling
Sometimes you just need a little help to move forward. Whether you are struggling through a life changing event or feeling lost - having space to explore your thoughts and feelings can transform the darkest of chapters.

We all have an innate ability to grow and develop. It’s easy to get stuck in repeating patterns which no longer work for us. Or be thrown well off course by an unexpected event or trauma that may have happened; this could have been a long time ago, or you could be still going through it.

There are also certain techniques and strategies for dealing with low self confidence, stress, anxiety, fear or anger.


I offer you a comfortable, non-judgmental and confidential environment from which to explore. I work with couples as well as individuals.

I can help with grief and bereavement, relationships and behaviours that no longer serve you. You may benefit from coaching to lose weight, sort out your job/career/business, rid bad habits and addictions or just to be a more successful happier you.

The four ' C ' s

              Make the Choice

                 To take the Chance

                    Or life will never Change

                        Contact me today 



Initial Consultation is free

Hypnotherapy 1 session - you will need 1 hour  £50

Past Life Regression - you will need up to 2 hours £95

Reiki Healing 1 hour £50

Bespoke Energy Healing 1 hour £60

Life Coaching / Counselling 1 hour From £40

1-2-1 Meditation 1 hour £50

Spiritual  Metaphysical Counselling & Healing 1 hour £60


You may book 2 sessions together.

Flexible appointments, available throughout the week. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

Savings: if you book 6 sessions - To be taken within 6 months.

Other bespoke packages available (from £90 to £200)

I can work with you on a one to one, in person, Skype, email or via phone. 

Contractual work also undertaken for groups. To book, please call or go to the      VISIT US page.

Payment via Paypal: using -

or at the wellness centres by cash.


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